Tuesday, September 9, 2014

6 weeks

Quinn Olivia
6 weeks young
Amazing sleeper. Amazing eater. In your car seat way too much.

Easiest baby ever.
Happiest baby ever.
I love you little QB.

You are getting so strong and your little cooooo's are the best thing going.


These two don't spend all that much time together. I think Ari's has held Quinn a total of 10 times and that is because I ask her to hold her if I can't put her down. It breaks my heart a little bit. Not sure what is going on with it, but I'm trying not to force anything.

Lately I'm thinking it's because Briggs is so into Quinn and less into Ari? I don't know...someday, it will all change. Ari will be braiding up Quinn's hair and painting her tiny little toe nails (so let's hope).

For now, I will continue to plop Quinn down next to Ari and get them both to smile. Fake or not, I'm capturing moments.

Pre-Pre-Pre School

Briggs went to his first class today.
He was a little nervous...as we walked through the main lobby doors he asked daddy to "carry you" "carry you" "carry you".

Once he saw the train table, all that worry and fear was gone. Briggs was in preschool business.

Case soon arrived and life got even better.

So far, meet and greet was a total success and we will see how things go Thursday. I'm gonna miss my little bully, I mean buddy.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Briggs, my little man. You are a big bro and a wild one at that. You love your little baby sister so much, so much it is driving you a little crazy I think. You ask the see her the second you wake up in the morning and after naps. You always ask me "where is baby sister" "hold baby sister" "baby sister sad" ". You rock her so hard in her swing, you shake the crap out of her when she's in her pack N play, you kiss her 100000 times a day, you pull her legs when I'm holding her, you throw things at her...manly cow cow. You love her. I know you love her. But you also hate her, and want to squeeze her arms off. I get it...actually I don't at all but I'm trying really hard to understand what you are feeling and trying really really hard not to drop kick you. I love you Briggs Zimmerman. I love you so very much. I look at you and my heart gets all mushy. I think you are so handsome and so very smart. Thanks for making learning your colors, numbers, letters and every truck name in the entire world easy. Thank you for being my little man. My crush forever.

QB is all smiles

She smiles when I smile. I love love love that. Thankful for her sweet little spirit.

Day 1

First day of school pics. This year I didn't take Ari's picture in front of her school sign. I think she would have let me...but I was doing her a favor and letting that slide.
Lucky me, she didn't really want new school clothes. I begged her to get some new things, which she is wearing. Love this girl.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Middle School

Arianna Joi! You my little lady are starting middle school tomorrow. TOMORROW! Middle school.

You have your outfit picked out. Your backpack is ready to go and you were in bed by 9:20pm. I think I'm more nervous than you....not bad nervous, just nervous. It's a big deal. You are riding the bus, changing classes, changing clothes for PE and going to be a lot further away from home. You will  meet so many new people and teachers and you are going to have some major sweaty pits in your grey dress that I'm really worried about.
These next 3 years lots of things will change. Friends will change, you will change. You will probably start talking to boys and hopefully not kissing them...
Ari, I love you. I know I drive you nuts and I freak out over stupid stuff, but just so you know, I will continue freaking out over stupid stuff for.ev.er.  Because I love you. You will always be my little girl. I will be protective and ask lots of annoying questions and why so and so isn't talking to you or you aren't talking to them. Just so we are clear, I will ask a lot of questions.
Remember to be kind. Be honest. Be strong. Be confident. Be a great friend, a good listener, and most importantly be yourself.  Don't forget deodorant after PE and don't shave the bottom of your head like I did in junior high.
I can't wait to hear Briggs ask "where did sissy goooo?" 500 times tomorrow.
Love you Lulu,

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My #3

I've been wanting to blog for weeks. I finally have a chance.

Quinn Olivia Blalock was born on her due date July 25th 2014. Just like her older sister she arrived right on time. She came super fast. Like so fast we didn't even get a picture of her being born or of us cutting the cord or anything like that. They checked me and it was go time...3 minutes later, she was out. Cord around her little neck, screaming her little eyeballs off and pooping like no other. She pooped 5 times before she even got a bath.

I held her for almost 2 hours before they weighed her. It was amazing. The great thing about having a baby super early in the morning....there are no visitors. No one is waiting in the lobby. It's quiet and intimate. I loved every minute.

She weighted 6.15oz was 20 inches long and came into this world right around 6am.

She turned 1 month yesterday. Our days are full of trying to keep Briggs from hitting her and kissing her extra hard. She sleeps like a little baby....no joke wakes up only 1 or 2 times a night. That will change...soon I'm sure. She loves sleeping on her belly and is a binky baby. I love calling her muffin and QB, peanut and love bug.

She just started smiling at us when we look at her. She is holding her little head up. I'm trying to savor these little moments with her. I'm not gonna lie...it's hard when there are three. And one is crazy hyper and the other is needing attention just like the other but in a different way.

I love having 3. I can't imagine it any other way.

pics: www.jocelynkbrownphotography.com

Friday, April 25, 2014

Briggs and Case

Trouble mostly

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Zoo Day

Nolan and Briggs
6 months apart, exactly.
Bro's for life.

Our Seahawks

Superbowl champs. Seattle Seahawks...we had a lot of fun cheering our hawks on this year.

I love that Ari is totally into football....the girl knows more about it than me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

the bump

As I'm typing this I'm 25.5 weeks and feeling monstrous. I look at my week 10 pics and crave for that tight feelings. Is that weird?

This pregnancy started out the hardest. Not sure if it is because I am older or because it's all the girl hormones but... holy moldy, those 1ST 3 months I was soooo freaking tired and soooo grumpy. My thyroid was all messed up like it normally is when PREGO and I couldn't get enough sleep or toast in my body to feel better. Once 12 weeks rolled around everything got better.... gaining 5lbs a month was a new experience this time around. We shall see how the next couple months go.

Documenting my belly bump through my fitness instagram at Fly.

Our top names:

Marshawna per Zeb.

I honestly don't have a name that I absolutely love. It's hard!!!

Due July 25th


1ST year of select basketball for Lulu.
Coaster Boy continued to coach.
It was a tough year... coming off a state winning soccer win, this was a humbling experience for Miss. MVP. They played hard and gave it their all. Excited to see where bball goes with Ari. It's not her favorite sport but I can see her playing for years to come.

Coach Zeb was awesome and always made the girls feel confident even though they weren't winning,

Go Kangs! Until next year....


Ari's big 11 birthday was her entire plan.

She wanted it to be a surprise for her bestiessss.
We ice skated, opened presents, dined at her fav restaurant (maggianos) and then headed to a movie. It was a fun/long day. Love Ari's friends and their love for each other. Most of the time they are super sweet to each other.


Favorite Holiday.
This year Ari got a guitar and Briggs a car table.

Dad and Patty were in town which was a first... change is always weird. Hard and good at the same time.

Memories. This already feels like a lifetime ago.
But for good measure, I'm documenting it.



Sometimes we dress up and get out!
Fly fitness party.
Fake drinking and all.

First Snow

They were out of the house by 8:15 - sledding by 9am.
I love snow days.
I hate playing in it... but I love watching. :)


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