Tuesday, April 15, 2014

the bump

As I'm typing this I'm 25.5 weeks and feeling monstrous. I look at my week 10 pics and crave for that tight feelings. Is that weird?

This pregnancy started out the hardest. Not sure if it is because I am older or because it's all the girl hormones but... holy moldy, those 1ST 3 months I was soooo freaking tired and soooo grumpy. My thyroid was all messed up like it normally is when PREGO and I couldn't get enough sleep or toast in my body to feel better. Once 12 weeks rolled around everything got better.... gaining 5lbs a month was a new experience this time around. We shall see how the next couple months go.

Documenting my belly bump through my fitness instagram at Fly.

Our top names:

Marshawna per Zeb.

I honestly don't have a name that I absolutely love. It's hard!!!

Due July 25th


1ST year of select basketball for Lulu.
Coaster Boy continued to coach.
It was a tough year... coming off a state winning soccer win, this was a humbling experience for Miss. MVP. They played hard and gave it their all. Excited to see where bball goes with Ari. It's not her favorite sport but I can see her playing for years to come.

Coach Zeb was awesome and always made the girls feel confident even though they weren't winning,

Go Kangs! Until next year....


Ari's big 11 birthday was her entire plan.

She wanted it to be a surprise for her bestiessss.
We ice skated, opened presents, dined at her fav restaurant (maggianos) and then headed to a movie. It was a fun/long day. Love Ari's friends and their love for each other. Most of the time they are super sweet to each other.


Favorite Holiday.
This year Ari got a guitar and Briggs a car table.

Dad and Patty were in town which was a first... change is always weird. Hard and good at the same time.

Memories. This already feels like a lifetime ago.
But for good measure, I'm documenting it.



Sometimes we dress up and get out!
Fly fitness party.
Fake drinking and all.

First Snow

They were out of the house by 8:15 - sledding by 9am.
I love snow days.
I hate playing in it... but I love watching. :)


This little bean.
8 weeks tiny.
Hi there, little nugget.
Welcome to our family.

Santa - Snowflake Lane

 Love me a good santa. This year we went to the bravern for the very first time.
No line.
Happy Santa
Happy Kiddo
Merry Christmas!


Cousins are the best. Briggs wakes up almost every morning yelling. UNCLE CASEY WHERE ARE YOU. They have a special little bond. Love these boys.


Stats. I love stats!
Briggs Zimmerman Blalock

15 months stats:
  • 31.5 inches tall (62%%)
  • 23.10 lbs (30%)
  • 18.82 inches head size (68)

18 months stats:
  • 33.23 inches tall (78%)
  • 24.7 lbs. (31%)
  • 19.13 inches noggin (73%)

He's always had a monster head, just like his momma.

He just keeps on getting bigger and crazier.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Cruzer! #3 Conniff Boy
Heather makes pregnancy and child bearing easy. Probably why she can handle 3 boys. 5 including Pat and Bogey.

Love this little Cruz. Nothing better than adding another cousin to this clan.

Cruz Bishop Conniff

Tree Farm

Coug Dads

Briggs and Sienna's daddy's are cougs. They talk Coug football a lot.
Look at their mustaches! Cougars!!!!

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013
We catered our meal from Met Market.
Best decision ever
So yummy,


 I love my job, I love working with so many awesome people. I love working out, I can't wait to get back to it like this....20lbs later.... my arms don't quite look like that anymore. Soon enough.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

My side kick

 This one is making me teary.
Briggs is my little buddy. He's with me all day, everyday.
He's my boy. My son.
My one and only little fella.
We have a mad crush on each other. Crazy love.
We grocery shop together, we play outside, we eat lunch together every day.
He's my buddy, my little fella. Savoring these days with him when sissy's at school and daddy's at work and little sissy isn't quite here yet.

The day...

I found out I was prego with #3....I was 1 day late.

I kept feeling light headed and spazzy, wasn't sure if it was from a new energy drink I had been drinking or what the heck was going on. I remember vividly teaching a class and having to stop because I thought I was going to pass out. Something was up!

AND, Coaster boy and I had gotten to the point of him getting a little snip snip action. We had always thought we would have another for Briggs' sake (Ari will be off to college when he went into 3rd grade) but we had a set back and I got a little crazy after changing careers and being a stay at home mom. Frankly, some days I was miserable being home allllllll day with one toddler and one hormonal preteen. And of course when we had planned be done, thinking there was no way I could add another child to my already chaotic life...2 weeks later, I'm prego. I'm PREGO. Still trying to wrap my head around this one. 

We waited to tell Lulu as, well... I knew she wasn't going to be happy. Briggs is plenty of action and noise  for this type A child who likes quiet and tons of personal space. Her attention was completely divided, it wasn't just her anymore. Things changed for her big time.

So we finally told her after our 12 week appointment...she wasn't happy. She even said: I'm shocked. I'm not sure 3 months later she is that much more excited about it. But she has come up with some baby names.  I know now she's not excited, but I don't think she realizes how awesome it is to have a sitter. A little sissy, she is going to be the best big sister.

Don't they both looked thrilled??

cray cray

Crazy hair day in 5th grade. I really think she should of won the award.

It stayed like this until she arrived home...I didn't even have to put any wires or product in this bad boy.

and look! She's on instagram!

Sienna and Briggs sittin in a tree

Love these 2 so much.

Sienna is the sweetest little bug and Briggs, well.... terrifies her.

I love love love watching them grow up together.

Hudson Hart

When your bestie has a baby. Their very first...I can't really describe it. It's like family is being born. It is family being born!  I've been waiting for Suzy to become a mommy for...ev...er. And to see her with little Huds and all the new and firsts she is experiencing makes my heart happy. I love watching her be a mommy and I love being able to experience all the  that mommy hood has to offer together.


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