Wednesday, September 24, 2014


oh man. 
tomorrow quinn is 2 months old. 2 months. she seems huge and happy. and not real. she got her first cold and now giggles. what? i am seriously in love with her. its so different with #3. i'm not as scared. less paranoid. feeling so very grateful. cheese ass ball. i know. 

briggs is finally not being so crazy towards her. i mean he still touches her eyeballs and rocks the crap out of her car seat... but he's gotten so much better.  he loves mrs. kristy his very first teacher and going to school. he doesn't really tell me anything about his time at school. the teacher told me he was a leader. let's see if he bites or pinches anyone by next month after he feels nice and comfy there.

ari. my little lulu seriously isn't little anymore. she is so in middle school. like totally. like oh my gosh, IKR (i know right)....I find myself saying I know right to grown women. ugh. she's in full soccer mode. almost half way through the season. they haven't lost. she's loving school and the bus and i'm loving her instgram post. that girl loves her quotes.

coaster boy. oh zebby. he definitely gets the short end of the stick, but lately...i'm madly in love with him. i also wanted to kill him about a month ago. i think it takes a good month or two to figure out having another person in your life. no matter how amazing and easy they are, it's taken time to adjust to splitting my time with another little human. 

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Jocelyn said...

i love a good recap. i too love ari's IG feed. her quotes kill me. i love her depth! quinn- 2 months! time does fly. love that briggs is a leader. of course he is! and zeb. we always find our way back to our people. always. and thank god they love us for all of our crazy. and you- good work mama. seriously. good job.


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