Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Briggs, my little man. You are a big bro and a wild one at that. You love your little baby sister so much, so much it is driving you a little crazy I think. You ask the see her the second you wake up in the morning and after naps. You always ask me "where is baby sister" "hold baby sister" "baby sister sad" ". You rock her so hard in her swing, you shake the crap out of her when she's in her pack N play, you kiss her 100000 times a day, you pull her legs when I'm holding her, you throw things at her...manly cow cow. You love her. I know you love her. But you also hate her, and want to squeeze her arms off. I get it...actually I don't at all but I'm trying really hard to understand what you are feeling and trying really really hard not to drop kick you. I love you Briggs Zimmerman. I love you so very much. I look at you and my heart gets all mushy. I think you are so handsome and so very smart. Thanks for making learning your colors, numbers, letters and every truck name in the entire world easy. Thank you for being my little man. My crush forever.

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