Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My #3

I've been wanting to blog for weeks. I finally have a chance.

Quinn Olivia Blalock was born on her due date July 25th 2014. Just like her older sister she arrived right on time. She came super fast. Like so fast we didn't even get a picture of her being born or of us cutting the cord or anything like that. They checked me and it was go time...3 minutes later, she was out. Cord around her little neck, screaming her little eyeballs off and pooping like no other. She pooped 5 times before she even got a bath.

I held her for almost 2 hours before they weighed her. It was amazing. The great thing about having a baby super early in the morning....there are no visitors. No one is waiting in the lobby. It's quiet and intimate. I loved every minute.

She weighted 6.15oz was 20 inches long and came into this world right around 6am.

She turned 1 month yesterday. Our days are full of trying to keep Briggs from hitting her and kissing her extra hard. She sleeps like a little baby....no joke wakes up only 1 or 2 times a night. That will change...soon I'm sure. She loves sleeping on her belly and is a binky baby. I love calling her muffin and QB, peanut and love bug.

She just started smiling at us when we look at her. She is holding her little head up. I'm trying to savor these little moments with her. I'm not gonna lie...it's hard when there are three. And one is crazy hyper and the other is needing attention just like the other but in a different way.

I love having 3. I can't imagine it any other way.

pics: www.jocelynkbrownphotography.com

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The Keys said...

What a sweet "party of 5" your family is! Welcome to the world, Quinn!


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