Wednesday, October 15, 2014

QB's 2 month stats

Holy Crap! Quinn is almost 3 months and I haven't posted her 2 month stats!

So here we have it.
My little lady. My youngest. My little mini babycakes. My very last. My angle baby. Peanut butter apple pie love bug.

You are (were):
12.5LBS - 83%
23 inches - 75%
Head - 63%
2 months and all smiles. I love you so much.

Your head is still flat. You constantly look to your left. Your hair is coming in brown and your eyeballs are turning brown. My little brown eyed girl. I got 2. Lucky me! You've started grabbing at blankets and I can see you trying to sit up when you are laying flat. So funny. You roll over. You LOVE your bink and your daddy so much. You smile when your brother talks or sings to you. He is being way more gentle and kind to you. Your big sissy is still too cool for you. I can't wait for that to change. I know it will. She loves you something fierce. I caught her talking a picture of you the other day on her phone...that's a big deal.

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