Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Any day now...

This little bun in the oven, my nephew....my little nugget of a nephew is going to make his grand entrance into this wild world. I'm super excited. Like thrilled. I wake up in the morning to see if I got any late night text. I now sleep with my ringer ON, just incase I get the call.

There is something so fun and great about being an auntie.

I can't wait for this little dude to arrive for several reasons:
1. He will have a great older brother to show him how to weed wack with any toy
2. He will most likely have crazy curly hair and big blue eyes
3. He'll have a little cousin that will be his best pal, copying his every move.
4. He has parents that love him, more than he'll ever know

Baby Boy Conniff I can't wait meet you.


Brooke said...

You are such a sweet SIL, Auntie and bestie.

Brieanne said...

I think if heather was a real friend/sil/auntie she'd wait to have BBC until you have BBB so they can have the same birthday - just an idea :)

Heather Conniff said...

you are a GREAT auntie and we have a lot to look forward to. Bri, bite your tongue :) Keep that ringer on....XOXOX


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