Thursday, October 20, 2011

From sick to sicker

My baby's daddy has been grossing...I mean growing out his facial hair for going on two months now.

Last night he disappeared for ten minutes, and came out looking like this. {I thought the glasses gave him a nice touch, and I'm trying to be funny like sissy}

Since when did I marry Earl?


Shaina said... there a reason behind his lumberjack look?

Meghan said...


Mustache November to raise money for prostate cancer.

Great cause! I shouldn't complain.


Brieanne said...

I like it!!!!!! :)

Meg - how does growing a mustache raise money? is like a contest?


Emily said...

Ugh-Greg is doing the same thing. Vomit. Good cause, but why do they have to make themselves so repulsive???

Shaina said...

That is a great cause! I am just thankful that my hubs doesn't grow facial hair that well!

Meghan said...



Heather Conniff said...

SO wrong, where did he get those shades? I call Movember the 2 months of a great cause but not attractive men. There are very few guys who actually look good with a stache. You are funny, BTW! XOXO


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