Monday, October 17, 2011

18 weeks knocked up

Let's just say, my butt feels prego this week.
Zeb kept asking me if I was arching my back in these pics.
"Um noooo, it just does that ding dong, that would be your son"

18 weeks brings a daily cup of hot chocolate.
No BBB name.
Sleeping on my side.
Eating all day long. Oh wait, nothing new there.
Wonder if he'll have Coaster Boy's hair?
Or my monster chin?
Craving sushi.
Negra Modelos.
Iced Venti Americanos...not really but I would love to not feel tired at 9pm. 
Almost half way there.


Marilyn said...

Cute! Cute! You look wonderful!

PS - I am not pregnant and I am *always* tired by 9pm.

: )

kim charie said...

you look so happy! dying to know some names! ...and, i vote he has zeb's hair:)

Heather Conniff said...

this is going by WAY too fast, cannot believe you are almost half way done...what the freak!!??? I hope he has Z's hair and your chin for sure, oh and a butt chin too. :)


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