Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bambino or Bambina

So we have a prelim gender ultrasound on SATURDAY! 16 weeks.

My beloved friend Lean (Alicia) is a fancy cardiac sonographer, and on the side (when she's not scanning hearts) she tells peeps what they are going to have! How fun is that?!?!

So here is my breakdown.

Baby's heart rate yesterday = 162
Thrown up = 2 times
Showing = Already
Gained = 5lbs
Love = FOOD
Hate = Salad
Sleep = Want to do it all day long
Pee = All the time
Crazy = Always
Thyroid = Jacked up
Thirsty = very
Can feel it = Sometimes (love this part)
Fart = rarely

I thought for sure we were having a boy...until we heard the little beater yesterday, and I was thrown for a loop.

Last night Ari said to me out of the blue. I can't wait until Saturday. Which made me happy. We just can't wait!


If only we could see in between those little frog legs


Heather Conniff said...

so, so, so excited!!! Like...can hardley wait!!! XOXO

Kandice said...

love that you're updating us on your peeing and farting. i know, for me, when i was pregnant (of course NEVER otherwise! haha) i was a farting mess :/ it was sooo sad! hahahah tummy aches all the time too. consider yourself the luckiest, momma! :)

MrsAngieW said...

I'm still going with boy! Sammy's heart rate said girl too but he's all boy :)

Boy or girl still one lucky baby to have you and Zeb as parents and Ari is going to be such an amazing sister!

Jackie Tolson said...

SOOOO Exciting! Can't wait to see you guys in a week!!!

Jocelyn said...

i'm sooo out of the loop... what does the heart rate mean? does fast or slower mean determine sex? or sort of determine sex. what i did to me and meg prentice (and it worked!) was the 'ring test'. so fun:)


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