Thursday, September 29, 2011

Water. Changes. Everything.

So here is the deal.
We are spoiled.
As I sit here complaining of my fat prego belly, drinking my tenth glass of water of the day, acting all many momma's are spending hours a day getting water for their little babies. Walking for miles, away from their get water. Dirty water.
And their children are getting sick.
This isn't right.
We can help stop this.
We will help stop this.
So, I'm asking you TODAY (it's kind of a big day) or tomorrow, even the next to donate. To give. To post this spread the word that water, truly does change everything. And by doing just that, we can help those who are drinking dirt/poop/germ filled water get clean water, which leads to an amazing cycle of better health, education and life.

I'm kind of passionate about this. And my hope is that my passion will rub off on you guys. I asked Lu what I should blog about and she said, just tell them to give. And it's that easy peeps.

Donate by clicking here.

And you should probably watch this video.
Scott Harrison, the CEO of Charity Water is pretty awesome.

Loves and more loves.
Water. Changes. Everything


Heather Conniff said...

clean water is the end to so many global problems - thank you for reminding us! great cause, great company and GREAT post. XOXO

Marilyn said...

I am glad we are friends! Love this.


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