Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Cutest little preggers ever.
I want her hair...
and maybe those shoes.

i love you pinterest


Carrie Miller said...

love her blog and following her preg fashion. She truly is incredible with her creativity and outfits. My favorite is the black and white stripe dress with black jacket...super cute.

Meghan said...

HER BLOG! Carrie...send it to me. I just saw that pic on pinterest and didn't fully click through to see where it came from. Now i can find the pic :)
THANKS! See you sun!

Carrie Miller said...

Our little babes are a week apart which just adds to my fascination and appreciation for her maternity fashion! You are going to be addicted…

Super excited for Sunday!

Meghan said...

AH! Love it. Just added her to my blog list! Thanks!!!


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