Monday, January 13, 2014


Hi Ar,
You've been 11 for about 2 weeks. 11! Double 1's.Hi Ar!
This past year has been pretty amazing and so many changes for you...

You my friend have been so busy.
Soccer is still your number 1 favorite sport and although everyone thinks it should be basketball or volleyball, I like where your head is at. Your team won the state Championship! Which means your team is #1 in the state. What is even more tear jerking than that (yes it makes me teary, I'm weirdo) got MVP for your age group in the STATE! You my little Lulu bear received the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER award for your age group in the entire state of Washington. Makes me teary. Freaking proud. I'm so proud to be your Meme. Not only that your team went to the playoff in volleyball, and now we are onto basketball. I love watching you play these sports. You are so how I wished I played when I was younger. Competitive and aggressive, yet totally kind.

I love your imagination. You still will play with your friends...make believe. I love that. Hotel, college applications, super models, British girls, family, and pretend driving are the most common sites we see.

Briggs is so in love with his sissy. Sissy, where areeee youuuuuuu??? And when we hear your door open in the morning, "Sissy sissy sissy" is what we hear. I love how much he loves you and how well you love him, You are so good with him.

You still sleep with bear bear. You bring him out to breakfast every morning.

Your besties are Anno, Jo, Beep. Emma and Ellie....
You love instagram and have tried to create a secret account without me knowing (you little turd). I know everything little lady!

You don't seem to have any boy crushes...but your favorite thing about recess is playing four square with the boys. You are loving 5th grade and your teacher Mrs. Coebergh.

It's amazing what a year can do.

This is what I found on your white board in your room:

Be Awesome
Stay happy
Make my bed
Give Zeeke a hug (your little buddy at school)
Read a good book
Play 4 square
Play guitar
Say hi to Shanequa (beep)
Talk to Bella and Zoe
Be king of 4 square
Be Lovely (this is my favorite one)
Laugh out loud
Do something athleltic (not including PE)

Daily Goals:
Keep clean room
Do dishes
Do something nice for someone else
Do something that scares you
Have a friend over (not including Beep)
Write and essay about your week (short)

These pretty much describe you in a nut shell.

I love you so much Arianna Joi and am so glad you were born.


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