Tuesday, May 7, 2013

14 Months

Little dude, you are 14 months old today.

Your little personality is starting to really come into full force.

You have taken 7 steps...but still prefer to crawl.
You are becoming quite the picky eater...
You LOVE fruit.
You have a hard time with the meats.
You LOVE peanut butter toast and every morning you have a banana, blueberries and waffle.

You are getting so big.
Still not saying much but ohhhh ohhh ohh as you point at every little thing.
Airplanes are your new thing.
Every car or truck you see you growl and try to make their car sounds.
You still mean mug strangers, love your cow cow, and bath time is back on your favorites list.

We spend most of our days playing in the backyard. Eating pebbles and throwing dirt.

Your sissy has taken on a new babysitting role this month. I'm pretty sure you guys have more fun when I'm away. Be very careful with her, she is your best friend. She is the one who calls the shots when I'm gone...I would try to stop pooping every time I leave.

Briggs your momma loves you so much. You make this little fam bam complete.


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Turner Family Blog said...

Look at his cute lil shoes!!!


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