Thursday, March 7, 2013

1 Year - Briggs Blalock

Hi Briggsy,
My little love bug. 
My little wild man.
My little dude that I have a crush on.

Happy 1st Birthday, Briggs Zimmerman Blalock. 

You are 1 today. And my heart aches with joy today and really been aching with ever loving joy this entire last year. When I think back on the day you were born and how you, your little body and presence changed our entire lives, I could never, ever imagine our lives any different. I'll never forget seeing you for the first time. Or watching your daddy hold you for the very first time. His son. All blinky and gentle and scared. And then seeing your sister look at you for the very first time before anyone else..."ahhh he's so little". 

It's amazing what a year can do to a person. You have blessed my heart. Your personality and faces fill our days with laughter. From the very 1st week you were on this earth, you smiled. like. crazy. 
Your little attitude and stubbornness are all from me. You're welcome. Your legs and third nip from your daddy.
You are such a snuggler and love your cowcow like nothing else (thanks aunty). Oh how I miss swaddling you so tight and hearing your little grunts all night long. It went way too fast. Now I'm crying. It all goes too fast. Your little body has grown so quickly. It's all so bitter sweet. You've changed your sister. She now shares attention so selflessly with you and she loves you so much. One of my favorite things about having you is watching you and your sister love each other.

You are a constant reminder that life is so precious and little people are such little miracles.
As I look back at all the 10000000 photos I took this year, I've realized a lot. You've made this family swell with joy.
Happy 1st Birthday Son. Briggsy, Bubbas, Lover.


Brieanne said...

the last three pictures are amazing. :) Happy birthday blue eyes!!! xoxo

Sarah K said...

He has, hands down, the BEST faces on the entire blogosphere. Happy Birthday Briggs!

Heather Conniff said...

happy birthday briggs blalock, SO glad you were born, you complete our families!!


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