Friday, February 8, 2013

11 months

Hey Mr. B.
You are 11 months.
11 months!!!
You are on the move like no other. Now pulling yourself up on everything and trying to walk from pieces of furniture and pulling up on our legs to stand. I LOVE and hate it. I want you to stay little snugly bubbas forever.
You are starting to say words, trying really hard to say banana. nana. You all time fav food.

I love how you say haaaaaaaiii to people who you see for the first time or doggies or your sissy in the morning.
You wave with both your hands. Give open mouth kisses and pull our hair out daily. You have this little temper that you totally got from me. You get so mad when you don't get something you want. Little freaker.

You love when daddy reads to you and let's you turn the pages. You guys love to growl at each other.

You are fascinated with wheels....any stroller, car, book, you go straight for the wheels.

Briggs, I want this last month before you turn 1 to go really slow. I want to savor every little minute until I can say "he's 1".

You have been such a little blessing to this family! I can't explain enough how much joy you have brought to our lives. I love love love, watching your daddy and sister love you so much. It makes my so full.

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