Thursday, September 6, 2012

Emo Momma Update

Ok, so you all know I've had a really hard time going back to work. I was going to give my two week notice the first monday of my return since they weren't going to let me WFH a couple days a week. So things changed. I came to my senses. I had the kiddos covered the entire month of September. I started thinking about retirement again. And going on family vacations. And I guess kind of loosing my corporate knowledge (dumb, but true). Soooo I'm working until I can find another job that is more flexible or they come to their senses and let me WFH a day or two a week.

Everyday I have different emotions. Let's all say it together: EMO.
I know, I know. I'm such a diva.

Yesterday, our Briggs/Ari sitter told me that my job is simply fundraising. Fundraising for the things we really want to do in life. WHAT THE WHAT. It all kind of just clicked and I was like, I'm going to print copies and move meetings and try to squeeze 250 SDE's in a area seated for 175. And I'll wait five minutes for an elevator to go pump in a room that is already booked for 30 mins. I'll stinkin pay to park and get over a bridge.  It's ALL for funds for ME, for US. For the fam bam.

This morning I had to text my little love muff, Tanya (my beloved friend AND co-worker, we go way back) while sitting on Mercer for 15 minutes to print copies for me so that someone had their 7 copies for their 9am meeting....because they of course don't know how to push the print button...BUT I don't want them to learn how to push the print button cuz then my funds for fundraising wouldn't be there. See what I'm getting at? Am I drinking? NO!

Today, shortly after telling T aka love muff aka Tanya ake A taste of T about the fundraising thing she brought me this:

She is one of a kind. I'm so grateful for her.

Sorry for the emos peeps. xoxo


Sarah K said...

What an awesome friend!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

I'm grateful for you too! And I'm crying. I should take a p test.

kim charie said...

That is so great, awesome friend and reminder:)

Shamilicious said...

OMG I love this!!! and so so so true!

MereHennie said...

i SO feel your pain! i want to stop working everyday, to be with the nugget, but then i remember, that i work so we can have. so we can have the toys we want. the food we love to eat. the vacations that create such great memories. the roof over our head that keeps us warm and dry. the clothes that make us look cute (even in our post mommy bodies!) every time i want to walk away, i remember these things and i keep going on. you can do it mama!


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