Monday, August 27, 2012



6:30 B wakes up (hour early) play, eat, snuggle, smell his neck 20 times
7:30 A wakes
7:35 A and I eat hunny nut
8:00 Shower
8:40 depart for work
8:40 I'm feeling good. Today I'm not gonna cry
9:01 Stuck in mad traffic, get a really sweet email on facebook while parked on mercer and start to cry
9:40 Pull into work (after several f bomb text to Z and H)
9:55 Finally arrive at my desk after 5 levels of parking, two elevators, and three drops of visine
10:00 PUMP I'm starting to leak
10:25 finally logging on to my computer
11:00 Coffee with T (things are looking up)
11:20 - 1:00 Try to remember how to book meeting and conference rooms, move request, space plan...
1:00 take the stairs to the 11th floor to PUMP (im going to do this from now on)
1:30 Meet T and K for a fast lunch
2:15 Work
3:15 down 2 elevators, 5 garage levels, back to mercer
4:00 Home!!!!!!!!!!!!! B and A both up and happy. LOVE this.
4:10 Booby feed
4:40 Run to Petco for bday party gift (didn't have enough time for target, lucky ellie got a fish. found out about party yesterday)
5:00 Pick up gift wrap
5:15 Home solids for B
5:45 Off to soccer!!
6:00 Home (coaster boy is grocery shopping)
6:30 Give B a bath and snugs
7:00 Snuggle buggle my lover boy briggs
7:15 yummy salad out back with coaster boy. he's so good. mr. mom today
7:25 cobbler. thanks mom. and wash all my pumping equitment (third time today)
7:30 catch up on work while watching NY Med (new fav show) 1300 emails to go
9:05 Lulu gets home (ellie screamed when she got her fish...which reminds me, I need to email her mom and apologize...i hate fish).
9:25 Tuck my little lu into bed
9:40 facebook/insta/blog/stalk
10 start my bedtime routine

I am ready for tomorrow. My first full day back.


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

I love 9:40pm :)

Brieanne said...

I hate washing pump parts - like the worst thing EVER :)


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