Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meet Lilly...

And Slimy and Slow.

Tonight we walked to the Farmers Market while we waited for our crock pot meal to finish (I know, so domestic).

There was a Natural Aquatic Habitats booth. Of course we had to take a looky.

Ari wanted one...bad. She said she had enough money in her piggy bank to get one.

They were $25.

She begged us to walk back home to get her money so she could come back and buy one, TONIGHT.

Lucky her, she is spoiled.

She purchased her own little pet(s) for $25!!!

She named the two frogs Lilly and Slimy and the snail...Slow. So original.

We are back in business, people. The girl has a pet(s).

1 comment:

MrsAngieW said...

yay she's finally got pets!!!! I was about to drop off my dogs for her :)


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