Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cake Pops!

Every month Ari has Market at school (where they are able to buy other students crafts with the fake money they earn, pretty cool if you ask me). And this month, she partnered with a buddy who was making Cake Pops. Sooooooo, that meant we had to make some of these little yummy balls as well.... and I just happen to have a couple for breakfast.

Side note: Coaster Boy takes Ari to school every morning (love him) and there were some tears on the way to school. Let's just say, said cake pops didn't survive a little bump in the road and they went flying. Thankfully, all survived but one.
Zeb said, there were 2 minutes of tears. This makes me giggle. I love him. I can totally picture them on the side of the road picking up these dang little balls. How the heck are you supposed to transport them? I stuck them all in a styrofoam ball...

They are really stinkin cute. And good. Next time, less frosting.

I would totally make these for a wedding, baby shower, birthday....

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