Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Yesterday, I picked Lu up from Drama class and got there a little early.

I noticed 3 girls, including Lu standing up in front of everyone reading scripts.
This was big time.
The teacher was very serious and even told us mommas to keep it down!

After the girls were done reading the scripts, everyone sat down and the high strung teacher read of everyone's parts. How exciting I thought! Ari's name was read twice so I thought for sure she was going to be happy.

As we were walking out to the car, she started to cry. Hiding it from her friends....walking fast, ducking in the front seat.

Heart breaking.

Oh crap I thought.

THIS parenting thing is really stinkin hard.

We get driving and she looses it.

You didn't get the part you wanted? I asked.

Noooooooooooooooooooooo. She cried.

Which part did you want?
As in the main character? I thought to myself...dude.

She kept crying. I didn't know what to say...I was so sad for her.

So I had to ask, who got the role of Alice? Terrified one of her buddy's got the role.

Annie. She said.

What grade is Annie in? I asked.


Of course she got it! I told Ari the teacher had to give the main character to the 6th grader...she was older and it was her last year in Drama.

I asked Ari if any other 3rd graders tried out for Alice.
Nope, she said.

And this my friends, is why my little Lu goes for the gold every stinkin time.

I would NEVER EVER as a third grader go up against the 6th graders for the leading role.

But my little Arianna Joi would and I have to say I wish I had a little of what she has.



Zeb said...

I never thought of it like this when we talked about it last night...I love that she's fearless and wants to go for the top spot, really love that.

Great post.

Heather Conniff said...

LOVE this, love her and her desire to be the biggest and the best. She is an amazing 3rd grader! Can't wait for this performance. xoxox

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

OMG. I feel like crying! She's so ambitious!


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