Wednesday, April 25, 2012

7 weeks!

DUDE, Briggs, my man. My little snuggle butt. You are 7 weeks today! And probably weight 13lbs. We are guessing. We won't know until May 15th...

And to celebrate, you decided to sleep through the night last night. I swear it's all the rolls that are starting to pile up around your arms and legs that make you such a great little sleeper. I love my chub-bas!

Today of course you wanted to spend it with your GF Sienna. So we headed to Green Lake, walked the lake in the pouring rain and had a fun little lunch where you and Sienna snuggle buggeled.

You got a little sad cuz Sienna was laughing at your shirt

There was an awkward silence...

Then, Sienna really went for it and you lost your poop

And she thought it was so funny...teehee.

Briggs with his future Mother in Law.



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