Tuesday, April 17, 2012

iPhone Photo Dumping


Shamilicious said...

Q1-is that pee on the bed?
comment 1- he is getting so big already!

Meghan said...

Shamilicious! That is poooooooo!

When you breast feed their poo is yellow and doesn't stink...but it's runny and explodes everywhere. He had a diaper on when he did that!

Monster poo!

He is getting so big! Makes me sad.

Shamilicious said...

OMG!!!!! i look forward to it!!!! LOL

Meghan said...

and they poop 200000 times a day!

cant wait for u to experience this all

MrsAngieW said...

ah the yellow poo of doom! Remember that well :)

kim charie said...

love this photo share, so fun! happen to notice the barnyard dance book, her books are hilarious! they're emy's favorites. :)

Heather Conniff said...

he's such a good reader.


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