Monday, April 2, 2012

33 WHAT!

I'm fully blessed. I say this a lot. But it's so true. And there are days when I'm pretty lame and selfish and there are days like today when I realize just how blessed I am.

I love my family.
And Friends.
And my little Lulu Bear and Baby Briggsy.
And my amazing hubby, who is soo very good with crazy me.

This 33rd year of my life, I hope to do the following:

Breast feed until I'm 33.5 (yes, who knew this would be MY goal)
Get in crazy good shape (with Hot Yoga and trying Crossfit)
Eat better (not necessarily cut out chocolate or cookies, but eat more greens and organics)
Read more (yes, I say this every year, but really read more even if it is other peeps blogs)
Walk (I really love to walk)
Read my Bible (I'm not going to say everyday, that would be really hard (for me) and then I'd feel guilty for not doing it, so I'm sticking with reading it more)
Write more letters (send em via snail mail, we ALL love getting good mail)
Wear less high heals and more flats (I saw on the Doctor's show what heals do to your feet, sick!)
Try something new with my career (I'm gonna leave it at that)
Drink a ton of water (less alcohol) I only got one little liver and it's been through somethings.
Get my hair cut every three months (better than twice a year)
Get inspired (by others, reading, working out, around people that inspire me)
Make things right with my sister (I gotta do this)
Vacation with my family (this is always a must)
Call my dad more (Take. The. Time)
Listen to more music (I used to have music on 24/7...I've lost this a little bit...don't like it)

OK, I don't want to get too carried away...
I can do these things.
I know I can.


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Jocelyn said...

i really enjoyed this list. i like to hear what peeps want to do with their life. it's very inspring. so, thank you for inspiring me! happy birthday

A&A Mey said...

Happy birthday!! Hope your family filled you up with love today!

Shamilicious said...

Make it right with your sister. I dont know the story but I definitely know the value of family... this one stuck out for me :) Good luck on your list...this makes my list so tiny compared to yours.


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