Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's in that bag?

I'm starting to think about what to put in my handy dandy little hospital bag.

Is there anything I MUST have and can NOT forget.

So far my list includes:
Maturnity tank/bra
Negra Modelo (6 pack)
Facial Cleaning Wipes
Zip up
Phone charger

For Briggs:
Going home outfit
Swaddle blanket


Brieanne said...

that beer is going go to REAL good with your post delivery pain meds :) i'd add some really yummy, expensive, wonderful bath/shower products - that first shower after delivery is THE BEST. even in the disgusting tiny hospital bathroom - i loved it both times!

Sarah K said...

Don't forget the full coverage granny panties. ;)

Carrie said...

Exciting! It's coming quick, your in the home stretch! I did a post right before I had Celine on this. Besides the beauty stuff I would add in your own pillows for you and Zeb and a way to play music. Not sure what your hospital has we just brought our iPad, it was nice for the background to downed out hospital noise.

Meghan said...

Good one Brie...I don't remember showering at the hospital. And yes, I will be having a beer. Or three.

Granny panties! I don't remember those EITHER!

Carrie, loved that post. And the sample idea. I need to get on that. Pillows! Great idea.

MrsAngieW said...

If you forget the granny panties they give you those big ones there with the pads and their more comfy :)

nipple cream
if you want to get his footprints and handprints for his baby book take your book and or cardstock and a ink pad and the nurses will do it for you (I'm a sucker for getting all the memories down)

Honestly if you forget anything they have almost everything you need there so don't worry to much about it

Jocelyn said...

I think u are covered! U just need a bestie to bring a basket full of goodies. That's what meg did for me:) hint. Hint. Heath & suz!

Heather Conniff said...

Full bottom underwears, baby book if you have one, laptop if you wanna probably won't be there longer than 24 hours after birth! Ohhhh, your own cozy sweats & shirt. We'll bring food. & beer:) xoxo


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