Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2 is better than 1

Mrs. B,

Two years have felt like two minutes and I have a feeling this next year may go by in even more of a blur (not just because of the sleep deprivation) that this last one.

You make me a better person every day I’m around you.  That is invaluable and one of the things I love about you the most, your heart.  Thanks for changing the things in me that needed it and encouraging the things that don’t.  You love me in spite of my faults (messiness, absent-mindedness, flatulation, etc.) and for that I feel loved, which is really the most important thing.

It’s been a fun year, not one I would have traded for anything. Some of my highlights were:

  • Finding out you were pregnant and spending the entire year growing together and preparing to bring Briggs into our family (is it dusty in here, there must be something in my eye…)
  • The camping trip that immediately followed this news and the sleep that did not.
  • Vancouver, Sandpoint, Miami
  • Driving across the bridge most days in silence (pre-coffee) and talking each other’s ears off on the way home.
  • Meeting up for lunches at work, if only for 15 minutes.  I miss that.
  • Picking out names, hearing heartbeats, and watching a grainy B&W peapod become a baby, get a profile, arms and legs, and a wiener!
  • Cookies…Cookies, I’ve lost count at this point
  • Keeping traditions and making new ones together
  • Being part-time teachers M-F together
  • A $65 cab ride in Miami to find authentic Cuban food, only to end up at a crappy Mexican chain in the middle of nowhere
  • Cracking up like teenagers in our birthing classes, even though you’ve been through this before and have been a parent for 9 years now and we’re both grown adults (I think).
  • Buying a heart monitor at 12 weeks hoping we could hear something even though it’s for 28 weeks and beyond
  • Watching your belly, your appetite, and your morning routine grow as Briggs did

And while we’re on the topic of babies and pregnancy, let me just pause and say that you are pretty amazing lady…I could not do what you do.  Thank you for eating healthy (even though I will always think there’s room for improvement), for sacrificing your sleep, your body, and sometimes your sanity J.  Every time I see the mother you are to Lulu and think of how much you already love Briggs, I’m convinced I married the right woman. 

Happy Anniversary!


Mr. B
(or Coaster Boy, as I’m known around this blog)


Jocelyn said...

of course, i love this.

Meghan said...

oh look at you sneaky Coaster Boy hacking into my blog. Love this letter and the surprise and confussion when I saw it.

Your favs of the year is missing one thing: NFL season in regards to getting any. ;)
XOXOX More and more.

Shamilicious said...

Um Zeb you make other husbands look bad! Love this! So great! made me cry a lil!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

OMG. I'm crying.

Jocelyn said...

p.s. bennett wouldn't know the first thing about how to navigate blogger. i think zeb may be the only man i know who does.. and he knows how to add a pic! so cute.

Marilyn said...

So sweeeeeeeeet!

Shawna said...

He's definitely a keeper!

Heather Conniff said...

I like it, happy anny!


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