Friday, February 10, 2012

Babysitter - Jaime

We've lucked out with a couple a.mazing babysitters and we've also had some duds.

And this year, we've been overly blessed with Jaime. The sophomore at Northwest college, wanting be become a math teacher.

She cleans our house...empties the dishwasher, loads it, folds our couch blankets, plays stuffed animals with Lu, and they bake, and make healthy snacks...Ari said "she's gonna be a good mom someday"

Last night when I got home, this was sitting on my kitchen table.

Full of snacks, lips stuff, hair stuff, kleenex for when BZB arrives.

You name it, it was in there.

How stinkin thoughtful.

Jaime we LOVE you big time.


Shawna said...

I need a Jaime. Seriously.

Shamilicious said...

Thats amaaahhhhzing! what a blessing!

The Mannings said...

Send us Jaime's contact! I need a Jaime too.

Sarah K said...

Does Jaime have friends in Woodinville? ;)

Jackie Tolson said...

So glad you guys found somebody!!! I don't even work and I think I need her :) I have just come to the realization that my house will never be completely clean...haha (unless my mom comes to visit!) Ps...can't wait to see you guys next week!


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