Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Amazon Buddy

Coaster Boy got a new job.
Which means exactly this:

I won't have a travel buddy. Or someone I can make fun of how they park, or adjust their seat 10 times while driving. Or hear him say it's burning up in here. We won't hear that one Adele song every morning together. I won't get all the sports updates on sports radio. Or have someone stop by my desk with a yummy treat, or meet on the corner to grab lunch, or stand in line with at the taco truck. Or IM with all day on communicator...

I'm sad {very}. But really excited for CB's new adventure. He won't even have to go over water to get to work. Jealous. Very.

I started at Amazon, and two weeks later I was prego. Let's just say, it's been a fun 6 and a half months Coaster Boy. You made my first 3 months here bearable, when I was miserable. I gonna miss you here.

Loves you.


Jill said...

Awe...that's so sweet. Can't wait 'til I find myself a "Coaster Boy." (I don't mean like your Coaster Boy, I mean a different one that makes me happy like yours makes you happy :) Loving your prego journey together!!!

Brieanne said...

Where is the new gig!? Congrats Zeb!!

Heather Conniff said...

excited for him! sad for you, but maternity leave is literally right around the corner. :)


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