Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bakin' and Craftin'

I love me some crafts. And someday I will have a craft room...someday. After BB has a room and we have a dog. I have my priorities.
But any who, Ari's homework this week is to do a service project for someone. So we will be delivering puppy chow to some of her fav peeps! I love this kind of stuff.

If I could, I would deliver flowers for a living and walk dogs. And never wear shoes. But always have a pedicure.  


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

That REALLY is the dream, isn't it? Damn romantic comedies for always making floral places and dog walking so amazing. I mean, hello, we live in Seattle. Do you REALLY want to go out in the cold bare foot every day?

Lauren Carlton said...

i LOVE that chex mix!
also i am using those same tags for my christmas presents-- and stamping letters...same same!

Heather Conniff said...

um....those were delicious - Thank you. What a treat on our little doorstep. They are gone, in our bellies now. xoxo

Suz said...

YUM! we love, I mean loved them :).


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