Thursday, November 10, 2011


Here is our little dude.
In perfect little form.
He has long legs.
He's head/feet up.
Booty down.

His momma has gained 10 lbs. DUDE. That is 6 L B's in one month. Oopsie.
His daddy's weight remained the same this month. Yes, Zeb gets on the scale right after I do.

The doc wasn't concerned about my phylum cough. Not one bit.

Today's Top Names:
  • Briggs Blalock (but I always say Briggs BRAYlock, when I say it together and fast but I love Briggs)
  • Jack Zimmerman Blalock (both our middle names, Zeb's #1)
  • Crew Conniff Blalock (my fav name this week)
Oh and the best part is, this entire time...I thought I was turning 22 weeks tomorrow, nope, I'm turning 21 weeks. So when I said I was 12 weeks, I was only 11, and when I thought I was half way....nope I wasn't. I am now.

BBB. You are LOVED. We told Ari tonight that when he is in 3rd grade just like she is, she'll be going to college and I got teary. Yea, not gonna go there.



Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Oh my word! College? I wanna cry.

I like Briggs...A LOT!

kim charie said...

Oh, I love Crew Conniff! So happy the boy is doing marvelously in your tummy;) and hope you're feeling better.

Heather Conniff said...

Briggs for now has my VOTE. He's sooo cute, look at his little profile!!!

Brooke said...

Love that little profile. And great name choices.

Suz said...

Cute little face!!!


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