Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dos years ago....

Sissy and I were in CABO 2 years ago this exact week.
One of my favorite trips ever.

I love traveling with this girl.
It's time for another trip my friend. 


Heather said...

LOLX8K. The giving birth picture from 2 years ago is the funniest thing ever, what the other beach people must have thought of us? Such an amazing trip, you were my date, how fun is that. Remember Pete? Let's do this again, maybe Domestically in April? Love these pictures, just laughed again.

Heather said...

why do I feel like I've aged so much since that trip? must be the kid.

Shaina said...

two hot mamas! i want to go to cabo... (insert whiny voice)

Suz said...

silly girls!


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