Thursday, April 10, 2014

League, District, Regional and State

WOOT WOOT! This has been a huge soccer year for the CHEETAH's. They won their league without losing one game. Then headed onto districts where they won in below freezing temps. Then off to regionals as the swept through the series.  And then they headed straight to the State Playoffs!!!!

State Playoffs consisted of 5 games.
They. Won. Every. Single. Game.
I'm proud of Ari...a lot. She is smart, loves to read, does her homework right when she gets home from school, is kind and quiet and calm. She plays hard and loves her friends. But when she played her heart out... in that final game and they won, it was a feeling I haven't ever really had as a parent. Weeks later we found out she won MVP of the entire tournament. Proud doesn't really do it justice. Love this lady something fierce and all the effort she puts into her soccer game.

When I asked her what her favorite thing about soccer this year she said: being able to play and have fun with my teammates.

Thatta girl!


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