Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2nd day of 5th Grade

I tried with all my might this morning to get her to change her outfit without really saying it.

Can you sit on the floor in music in that dress?
You have a play-date after school....
Do you need a jacket?

I'm trying really, really, really hard not to comment on Ari's clothes, how tall she is, how crazy her hair is, how she needs more deodorant. Trying really hard to build her confidence in who she is. Tall, long ass legs, hair get the drill.

She is always hearing.... wow your so big. Wow your so tall, wow your boobs are big. Wow you tower over everyone. Wow you wear size 11 shoes. WOW. WOW. WOW. I think after awhile when you hear things over and over again about yourself you start to think. I am big. Too big? I am tall. Too tall? HECK NO.

So here is my 5th grader, standing a proud 5'5 in her mullet dress and combat boots.



Brieanne said...

I totally get this - I love being tall now, but it took a while to get here :). I think no matter what it is, height, hair, body type etc. little girls find something to dislike about themselves - so sad :(. Good job building up your little lady because let's get real - she's perfection. Hope she always realizes that :) Xoxo

Brieanne said...

P.S. who says to a 5th grader 'wow your boobs are so big?'

Shaina said...

I was the exact same height when I started 5th grade, way back when they didn't even carry lengths in jeans for girls. It can be rough sometimes, but you are doing a great job helping her build confidence. I agree with Brieanne, who mentions to any girls let alone a 5th grader how big her boobs are?!? Yikes! Good work Mama, she is a beauty!

Heather Conniff said...

love this and her bow in the hair. i was the tallest in my class until 7th grade, literally taller than everyone. good job mom, just letting her be her, she's so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm I had boobs in 5th grade and was called BONGO! I had a BONGO T-shirt and big boobies...believe it or not, it happens :)

Jocelyn said...

it is so hard for girls, i realized this having a twin brother- and the things we worried about growing up were so different!!! i admire you for realizing you just need to keep building her up. can't be easy for you because you are so aware of what others say and probably think... but know at the end of the day you have a really gorgeous 5th grader with the biggest smile and biggest heart around. no competition.

Sarah K said...

Never too tall! I love your approach. My parents did the same...never made a big deal about how tall we were, just about how kind, smart, and capable we were, etc, etc. I seriously don't think I ever really thought about how tall I was...until picture day. ;) Ari is a beauty...inside and out!


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