Friday, June 14, 2013

4th Grade

This is your last full week of 4th Grade! Lu! I can't hardly believe it. 5th grade seems too old. I remember 5th grade like it was yesterday.

You went off to school today wearing your "multi-colored" outfit for spirit week. As you and Beep ran off, I got teary!

You had a pretty amazing year.

4th Grade Recap:

  • Mrs. Coebergh - what an awesome teacher!
  • You had a binder and kept it so organized
  • Soccer - went to playoffs! Lost, but you guys played your hearts out
  • Volleyball - undefeated...1st year playing! Champs!
  • Basketball - undefeated amazeballs - coach zebby
  • Softball - hard year, with a new league- great learning experience
  • When I grow up project - You want to be a "world-wide professional athelete" your presentation at school fabulous
  • The Amazing Me Paper
  • You and Beeper started walking home from school (love this)
  • You started watching your bro!! 
  • You were Gabby Douglas for Halloween 
  • You helped out with your bro every single day
  • You played dress up (a lot in my clothes)
  • You got Keratin treatments on your hair
  • You went to Arizona, Hawaii, Chelan, Leavenworth, Suncadia
  • You went to see Elf with Auntie for Christmas
  • You had a dance party for your 10th Birthday
  • You encouraged your meme with notes 
  • You were a Bee and Dove in your school play
  • You hit your first home run
  • Choir is still one of your favs
  • You grew taller
  • You are wearing size 10/11 in shoes
  • You still sleep with bearbear
  • You love listening to music and pull your huge boom box into the bathroom to blast your music while you shower
  • You sang the national anthem at the Mariner's game!!
Lulu, Sissypants, Ari, Arar! My sunshine. You are wrapping up 4th grade! Things are getting weird....boys and girls are starting to get crushes, and you now have a "health" section at the end of the school year. You are learning a lot about getting hurt and being kind and including everyone. You are probably seeing things I don't know you are and hearing things I don't know you are...and I pray daily for you and for protection around your heart. 

Here's to you my little lady for making me so very proud. I love you with all my heart.



Blogger wouldn't upload any more pics...4th grade you've been fabulous.


Jackie Tolson said...

I can't believe how grown up Ari is! She is such a sweet, smart and responsible little lady :) Miss you guys so much! Maybe your summer list should include a trip to come see the Tolsons ;)

Jocelyn said...

i love a list like this. so great!


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