Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Tonight I was updating my Facebook Info section to Group Fitness Instructor (I know so important) and decided to take a little walk down memory lane on my Facebook albums.

Let's just say I found a couple amazing pictures (that I've now deleted)!  I stumbled over to my wedding album and started to get all teary. Time goes so fast. Ari was so little and for some reason I felt like she was so old when we got married. I feel like my skin and body look so different. It made me think over and over, to take advantage of today. Make the very most of it...because it all. goes. so. fast.

I remember my Meemaw always telling me when I was younger, just wait until your older, time goes so fast. And it does. Every year it seems to go faster.  I think all of us reading this know that feeling, and it makes us want to take a deep breath.
So to take us back...five honor of #tbt
This ones for you, Suzy and Heather. To Vegas. Late nights. Dancing all night long. Just living the dream.

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Heather Conniff said...

so youthful, love it! great picture, cannot imagine staying up until 4am these days tho. xoxo


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