Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I tried...

I'm always telling Zeb I wish he would let me cut his hair..."because I know how"
Thanks God he never let me. We took the clippers to Bubbas head and I couldn't stop laughing, once we started. I tried fixing the little gashes in his little baby hairs, but only made it worse. We didn't have the right guard blocks on the clippers...to say the least.

Uncle came over and fixed Briggs' hair right up. He has a little bowl cut. It's cute. He looks so grown up!!

Hello 1 year old!


Jocelyn said...

omygosh. take him to 'the shop' in kirkland. best $20 ever spent. for 2 years i've been giving luke a hair cut, and 2 weeks ago took him to where bennett goes (i can't go to places just for little kids).. and they did awesome. do it! bubbs is too cute! but poor guy shouldn't have gashes in his little noggin.

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

hahahahaah! that is awesome

Meghan said...

Joc! Zeb goes to the shop too! I'm sure that is where we will end up or Uncle does a pretty dang good job. :)

Jill St George said...

I did exactly the same thing to jax. Ha ha! It actually looks easier than it is, huh? Uncle fixed him up though. Cutie pie!


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