Monday, December 10, 2012


Briggs! Happy 9 months my little love cake.

Here are your big stats from your well visit.

Weight: 20lbs (56%)
Height: 29inches (92%)
Head: 17 inches (23%)

And you got two little chompers this week. They are the cutest little chompers I have ever seen. So tiny.

You're on the move. Not crawling...but pulling yourself forward...or pushing backward.

You can't sit love to hold your own bottle. Sissy Bear is still your all time favorite person.

She makes you giggle so hard.

You love your weeny and food. Standing. Saying Ohhhhhhh. Jumping is your fav.

You say mamamamma, dadaddad, bababababab, working on Lululululu.

We love you and can hardly believe how fast these last 9 months have gone.


1 comment:

Heather Conniff said...

sooooooooooo fast, he's pretty amazing. your money tree!!


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