Monday, November 26, 2012


Lu was in charge of picking out our tree this year.

Which made it a lot easier. Less fighting over which tree to get. We all have very different styles.

I picked last years. Ari picked this years. Zeb gets next year. Briggs when he's 3.
Works for us. Every year we head to Woodinville Tree Farm. Grab some cider and a candy cane and head out for the best tree.
This year, daddy almost took out Briggs. Can I get a timmmmberrrr?


Shaina said...

How beautiful is your family?!? You guys need to be in J. Crew catalogs!

Merry Christmas!!!

Loosy said...

Ditto Shaina's sentiments! I've been meaning to comment, like on your past 50 posts. Gorgeous fam, sweetest words, amazing momma.

Oh and for the record, I made Kuba RETURN our tree last year AFTER we got home and it was in the stand.

I was 1 month post partum and certified crazy.

(Who am I kidding, I would probably do the same thing to him today. I need to get this hashtag tattoo #poorpoorkuba)


Marilyn said...

Looks like Lu picked a good one! Can't wait to see the finished product.


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