Monday, November 12, 2012

4th grade

4th grade!
So old.
So many changes this year.
The girl is busy with sports, leadership, choir, friends, sleepovers, playdates...

She is still the apple of my eye.
Shoe size = 11 in women
Height: 5'3
Teacher: Mrs. Coebergh
Fav song: Gangam Style
Loves: to sing, dance, do cartwheels, torture your little brother
Best buds: Anno, Coco, Beep and Coco
Fav show: Hey Jesse

Ari you are beyond a blessing to us and even though at times, Zeb and I want to throw her to the crows....(she cries very easliy these days and is pretty much depressed if she has to hang out with us) she makes for a pretty entertaining life.

Love you my little lulu bear.


Sarah K said...

She is so dang cute, Meghan. Can you send her to dinner in your place? ;) Love that she wears an 11. Go girl!!

Anonymous said...

Super big girl!! Proud Mamma you must be! I wish she was in my 4th grade class!! I have a class of stinkers!!


Heather Conniff said...

honestly, i think i've seen her do 267 cartwheels since June! Ari, you are amazing, simply the best. you are special. xoox


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