Wednesday, October 10, 2012


In my mad morning rush...due to perhaps a little too long of snuggle time in bed with B. Or maybe the undivided attention I was giving to Lulu's new recorder playing. Or maybe...{most likely the reason} needing to get to my van pool at 8:30am...missing those extra 15 minutes of getting dressed/combing my hair/having coffee/more snuggle time and recorder listening, I ran out the door {no joke} with wet air, a summer shirt, and my ankles showing.

I'm freezing my buns off. It's offically fall in seattle. No more 70+ October days. And I'm cold.

To top it off, I'm sitting in the Mother's room about to enjoy my morning pump sess...and I forgot a very important part of my pump. The funnels. The suckers. I have NO idea what they are called.

So, now what?

I am wearing a thin shirt, freezing my ass off, can't pump or drive home.

Happy Wednesday!

IM from Coaster Boy:

Zebediah Blalock says-

oh man

could you take a cup and tape it around?

and jimmy rig it?

want me to bring you the funnels and a coat?

Meghan Blalock says

nooo it's ok

Zebediah Blalock says

i bet you can make something work, mcGyver style

if it's just the funnels  


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

MacGuyver style! I am dying.

Heather Conniff said...

you can do it!!!! soooooooooo funny. borrow someones, I'd do that. :)

Shaina said...

Oh man, this is just one more reason why I am procrastinating when it comes to pumping... I find it to be more stressful than a screaming babe at 3a.m.! Kudos to you for keeping it though!

Turner Family Blog said...

DYING! Oh the great aspects of pumping at work.

Brieanne said...

SO...what did you do???????

Jocelyn said...

the very glamorous life of a working mama. and as good as Z is... he still has no idea:) this is great!

Meghan said...

i pumped when i got home. 10oz.

it was a long HARD day to say the least.



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