Wednesday, September 5, 2012

4th Grade

Cha and Ari (been friends since 3 years old!!) back in the same class again. YAYYY!
My Little Lulu Bear,
Today we dropped you off for the start of your 4th grade year! I cried on my way to work looking through all these pics. You feel older to me. I asked if you felt older this morning and you said no. But you are. Holy moly 4th grade seems so much older than 3rd. Maybe it's the binder with the dividers? Or perhaps the fact that you are wearing size 9.5 in women's shoes and are 5'2. WHAT WHAT.
I read you the letter last night about compassion and we both cried. I proceeded to go grocery shopping for school lunches and cried throughout safeway, talking to auntie while people looked at me with heavy hearts and concern. All is good people, I'm just an emo mommy...who cries way to much these days.

Lu, you are such a sweet girl. I love that you are so in love with school and reading. I love how organized you like your pencil box and binder. How you lay your outfit out at night and want a mirror in your room.

We are so proud of you Ar. Like overflowing, pouring out, gushing madly, hearts pounding proud of you.

Remember Lu, don’t try to be the best this. Just be grateful and kind and brave. That’s all you ever need to be.

Here's to 4th grade  my little baby girl.

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