Monday, August 13, 2012


We are slightly obsessed with our backyard. I mean, we haven't had one ever, so we want to make sure we get good use of it.

So why not have a little last minute gathering with some of our favs to finish off the weekend.

And what better way to end a BBQ than with a little competition with the boys.

Dudes, can't cart wheel. John was the winner by far...and of course I don't have a pic to prove it {but please note his foot in the bottom pic}.

I love spending time with my besties. So do my kiddos.



Alicia B said...

Thank you so much for all the ladies applying the pressure to get the guys to do their cartwheels. Great laughs for everyone... to laugh with the guys and not at them :) BBQ was great. Thank you Meghan, Zeb, Ari, and Briggs for having us over.

Suz said...

BLAH HA HA!!!! :)


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