Tuesday, August 7, 2012

5 months!!

Happy 5 Months my little man cake.

To celebrate, we let you cry your little eyeballs out for 15 mins last night. But surprisingly, that is all it took.

{Until 5am approached}

We love you. Like love. love. love you.

This month has brought many new and exciting first.

You ate your first banana, avocado and rice cereal.

Your love for toys has all of a sudden increased and will scoot or turn your body to reach them.

You smile a lot (even this morning after letting you cry) and have started to giggle which we documented in the post prior.

You love when we sing and dance.

Your sister and all her friends are wrapped around your little finger.

You are sitting, pretty much on your own.

You grunt every time your daddy gets home.

You are sleeping in your very own room. Not sure you like it. But you will, trust me!

You try to escape your car seat, bumbo and swing by arching your back...I think we are going to retire the swing. You never liked that thing anyway.

Briggs Z. with your little fuzzy blonde head and your round bod. You have melted your momma's heart over and over again. I have a mad crush on you Mr.

Our love for you grows every stinkin day. Not sure how that is possible.

Here's to 5 months. May it bring 10+ hours of straight uninterrupted sleep my little turkey butt.


Alicia B said...

Love him too! You do such a good job of capturing his personality. What a doll face!

Jocelyn said...

he is just too happy and cute. good job little family! i love his sprouting blonde hair and his bright blue eyes! love how much you love him

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Serious cutie!


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