Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend Nutshell

Briggs has his first cold.
Ari rode her bike a ton (with her new fav (zeb's) fanny pack)
She boated
She water tubed
Had a sleep over
Rode her bike more
We stumbled across a flee market
Took a lot of naps
Tried be to outside as much as possible
Snuck into our soon to be new backyard for the next couple of years


Brieanne said...

Sorry about B's cold :( LOVE the new backyard!!! Housewarming party?????

Shaina said...

sounds like a good weekend, minus B's cold :( DId you guys get a new house? I am jealous, I want a backyard SO bad. This darn condo was great a few years ago, but not so much anymore...

MrsAngieW said...

did you get a house? oh so excited for you and you can now get Ari that dog she's been after :)

Meghan said...

We found a rental close to Ari's school. It's perfect! We are so excited. Yes, Brie we'll have some kind of bbq in Aug. Hopefully before you pop. :) xoxo


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