Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On my mind

Love this. I've read it probably 7 times.

I've been wrestling with what I'm going to do once I go back to work. Especially since they won't let me work from home a couple days a week...what does a girl do?

Pay 7-10 bucks a day to travel across the bridge. Then proceed to pay to park. Sit at a desk. Stare at a screen. Then proceed to travel down 8 elevator stops, 3 -5 levels of a parking garage to get back in my car, to pay to get over the bridge, to get home to my little fam right before dinner? Five days a week? Not sure I can handle that, not sure if I could handle it, I want too. But honestly I don't know yet. I could also go back to my little van pool with the option of being on a strick schedule of arrival and departure times. Then wait for those who are late (daily) and hate my driving?! I'm such a downer today. Sorry.

For now, I will go back. I will let them know my thoughts (already tried to do this) and I will propose as many possibilities as I can, to make it work for both of us. Until then...

But!! I have to say, I do want to be proud of the life I'm leading and the work I'm doing.  I want to have an impact. "I hope you have the strength to start all over again." EEEK, who knows. Maybe starting over is simply going back to work. Maybe starting over is giving my two weeks? I don't know. I do know that some amazing opportunities (for change) have been given to me while I have been on leave. Will those opportunities take flight? Do I have the strentgh to really pursue them? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

I know it will all work out. I absolutely know that it.will.all.work.out.

9 days until we move.
37 days until I got back to work.

Woot woot!


Brieanne said...

good luck meg - mommy's have a lot of tough decisions to make :(

Megan, Ryan, Addi & Brady said...

I've never spoken those 5 little words more than after having a couple of kids. It will all work out. Some days I feel like I say that when I'm contemplating what to feed those little faces for dinner. And other times its about childcare, where we will live, big things...but its true...it will all work out. Especially when you have such loving wonderful people around you! Good luck and enjoy those 37 days!

MrsAngieW said...

I know that it will all work out. Seriously it's hard to make changes but it does work out and God's plan is perfect. Heck my layoff was the best thing that happened to me because it made me do what I waned and needed to do. I'm now home with Sammy and start nursing school in the fall! Praying things work out for you just as God has planned!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Sounds to me like you've already made up your mind, just have to have the courage to follow through. I love you...even if you left out the travel one flight of stairs to see my pretty face :)


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