Thursday, June 21, 2012


My partner in crime, breast feeding, hooter hiding, walking, changing diapies, leaking boobies best bud is going back to work next week. Big. huge. sad. face.

So today we celebrated. Just us 4. I'm gonna miss our weekly dates. And many walks. I'm so very blessed to have had a buddy, to share this time with...

Briggs and Sienna are just 3 days apart and they will forever be in each other's lifes. I love that.

Cheers Beav to going back to work!! It will be OK. LT will do great. Sienna will do great. It will all work out perfectly. It always does.



Suz said...

sad. So glad u two had this special time great!

Turner Family Blog said...

Totally teary. I seriously would not have been able to do it without you guys. You made my maternity leave the best a momma could ask for. So sad we can't keep up our weekday adventures...we will just have to move them to the weekends. :) Love you Beav and Briggsy!!


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