Tuesday, June 19, 2012

iphone photo dump

Farmer's market

These guys were hilarious. The kids loved them

Meemaw and Briggs at breakfast
This car was the hit of the weekend.
Briggs with his two older cousins. Trouble.

Don't you love the wall paper?
 This guy...loves babies.


Curly top twins

Daddy and Briggs
 The big boys
The little boys
Case face


 us...waiting on Lu getting her pictures taken

Happy 7th Birthday Tali Bear

Zeb actually slept with these guys.

Flying home...

Such a fun weekend!


Lauren Carlton said...

Is that Doug Barry in the second pic?? Lol. Looks like a wonderful family filled trip.

Meghan said...

Lauren!!! I totally thought it was Doug too! And they had the same voice...


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