Friday, June 29, 2012

Birthday Boyyyyy!

Happy 33rd Birthday Zeb!

My favorite thing to do on Zebby's birthday. 33 things I LOVE about my hubby.
  1. Is a die hard Cougar fan
  3. How he is so proud when he holds Briggsy
  4. When he yells at Ari from the dugout
  5. That he gets embarased with his sleep mask on
  6. Always takes a nap when we go grocery shopping
  7. He is a great cook!
  8. The way he drives
  9. That he gets t-rex arms after TRX
  10. How he gets blinky so easily (LOVE LOVE LOVE this about him)
  11. How great of a dad he is
  12. How much he loves us
  13. That he knows so much about whats going on in the world
  14. That he is a pretty fast runner
  15. He's always up for fun, no matter what
  16. That he'll have slumber parties with the kids
  17. He's funny, like really funny
  18. That he loves only mustard on his hot dogs and tarter sauce for his fries
  19. He's almost as bad as an eater as I am
  20. That he helps Ari with her homework (when I don't understand it, which is a lot)
  21. Is the guy that takes the paper with him to the bathroom (or iPad)
  22. Loves surprises
  23. That he knows what I need, mostly before I do
  24. That he changes Briggs' diaper every morning, and wants too
  25. I say this every year...but he has the best hair
  26. He's the greatest coach. I mean really good.
  27. Always folds the laundry
  28. Is a dreamer....
  29. Really good at boardgames
  30. Is my bestest friend
  31. Thankful always
  32. Knows when to push my buttons to lighten my mood
  33. Loves to be around others!
Happy Birthday Zeb. I'm so very glad you are my husband and my baby daddy!!
You are so very loved.


Emily Kate said...

Aw so sweet, happy 33rd to your man! Love the quote at the end too!

Jocelyn said...

these are always soo fun. i love zeb's snoring machine. i got to see it first hand when i did your pics:) happy birthday zeb!


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