Monday, June 11, 2012

3 months!

{a little late}

Happy 3 months to my boy. To my bubbas. Chubbas. Whubbas.

You are a pure joy to this little family. Your smile makes us all laugh.

We love our mornings with you, still are all time favorite thing...all piled in bed, staring at you.

Most mornings I'm woken up by Lulu standing over me with you saying, Meme he's up and hungry. Every morning she wakes up, goes to your crib and waits for you to rustle so she can pick you up.

You are busting out of your #2 diapers.

You are wearing 6-9 months cloths.

You are talking up a storm, and almost sitting.

You are starting to love your toys and kind of (not really) of grab at them.

You love your daddy. A lot.

You are sleeping on your side. You can sleep anywhere. Anywhere. Currently on the couch. All you need is your nickie and your nuzzle and you are set.

Your eyes are such a pretty blue, I think they are stayin that way.

I could go on and on about how you've changed our hearts and made them so full.

You laughed out loud today...YOU my little Briggsy make your momma so feel so very blessed.

I love you, little man.


Shamilicious said...

too cute!

Sarah K said...

Love these! How did you get him to stand like that? What a little stud!

Heather Conniff said...

that was too fast.


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