Monday, May 14, 2012


I am who I am becuase of my mom. So pretty much if you love love my mom.

One of my favorite facebook posts from yesterday. Thanks Sham!

Since I wasn't able to bloggity blog yesterday (Coaster Boy set the record for best mothers day ever), I have to give a shout out to my very own MOM!

I am who I am because of you Momma! Thank you for raising me, for showing me unconditional love and for praying for my crazy ass all these years. Your prays, although sometimes long and wordy have been your greatest gift to me. You makes me laugh...when you search facebook for old flings. I love how you love your grandkids so much. And even though your knock on the front door drives me nuts, I find myself doing the same darn thing!!!!

Here's to you mom. Here's to you, loving me and my kiddos. Here's to you showing me how to love.

Your Youngest


Sarah K said...

Such a beautiful lady, both inside and out. I remember your mom's sweet nature from our volleyball days. You're a lucky lady, Meghan!

Sarah K said...
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Shamilicious said...

OMG I can believe im being quoted...ive never been quoted!!! i love mamas!!!


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