Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I love watching you - from Brie's blog

Saw this over on Brie's blog and I just love it. And it's so true. I love watching Lu play sports. I just never tell her that. I tell her how awesome she is...but not that I love watching her.

"i read an article a few days ago that said after interviewing high level athletes the most common thing they claimed as the best thing their parents said about their sport was 'i love watching you play'. that really got me- not 'great job' or 'you are so good' but 'i love to watch you'.

i love everything about that statement. good or bad, win or lose, i LOVE to watch you is what it boils down to. and along that sentiment, here is the best commercial i've seen in a while..."


Brieanne said...

this brie person is really awesome :)

Shaina said...

love this so, so much! in tears right now.

Alexis Gradwohl said...

I just started crying. I might have to share this.... and give you and Brie a shout out. I guess that also means that I can be honest and say that I read both of your blogs!


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